My father August Hanf already discovered in 1940 at the age of 15 his love for the German shepherd. After the end of  the second world war,  my father could finally focus again on his hobby.



In 1947 he decided not only to train dogs but also to breed, and started the kennel that still to this day is named "von der Schanzlache." This is protected by the Association for German Shepherd Dogs

Again and again he celebrated success with dogs at shows, winning in form and breed.

He quickly noticed that I showed interest and love for the German shepherd. Seeing my passion, my father and I became a team.

After the early death of my mother in 1966, my father had to put a hold on his hobby and left the care and training of the German Shephards to me. However this hardship could never separate him from the German Shephard dogs, and there was, and always has been, a dog in the family.

In 1978 I received from the honorary chairman of OG Viernheim, the breeding dog "Afra vom Wengershof".
With this dog my father and I started our own breeding line.

For age reasons my father, August Hanf transferred his kennel name " von der Schanzlache" in 1990 to me.

At this time I would like to thank my father, who unfortunately passed away in 2002, for giving me his confidence and support throughout the years, and allowing me to follow in his footsteps.

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